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Update on my mom


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We saw the onc today and he said it was bad. The ca has grown in the sternum, the lower left lung, the pericardium around the heart and the thyroid. The scan also showed ca in the liver, but he said since she had non-cancerous cysts in the liver previously he wouldn't really count on that. He said the ca has returned in exactly the same spot as the radiation, which is unusual, so it could possibly be now nsclc. They discussed bronchoscopy, but decided treatment would be the same either way. So she will begin chemo again, cisplatin, one day a week? for how long he is not sure. She is still feeling fine and hopes that the chemo will give her as long a response as it did last time. We kind of feel like deer in headlights right now.


Mom dx with sclc limited stage 0l-02

5 months chemo, radiation, no pci

Recurrance 06-03 found with follow up c/t, chemo began then stopped due to severe reaction

07-03 pet scan concurred ca in sternum

09-03 ct showed ca spread

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Thanks Tiny, Don and Norme for your kind thoughts.

I found out that originally the chemo consisted of carboplatin and etoposide (and she had the same kind in June when the recurrance was found and then she had that bad reaction), now the doctor will use cisplatin. So I am doing research on that to find out what we need to know. I noted that several people on the board were admitted for extra iv fluids on the day they got the cisplatin due to the possible effect on the kidneys, so I told her to ask her dr about that. I am so thankful for the information and support available here on the board!

Many thanks,


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