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Radiation and a more Precise Target with Diaphragm Breathing

Elaine W

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I got an inspired thought during my 3D radiation ... that since it is shooting a moving target with my lungs breathing, that perhaps using diaphragm breathing would limit the movement and let the zaps be more precise.

Diaphragm breating is relaxing anyway.

They tried the idea to see if it would work -- did a New Scan on me doing diaphragm breathing, and saw that my Targets Held Still. My primary tumor is as high as the middle of my breastbone, and my secondary tumors are near there too, along with the spread into the lymph, all about that level up away from my good breathing muscle. I let that muscle flow down, bringing in air, while my upper chest holds still.

I figured I wasn't the first person to think of diaphragm breathing during radiation but couldn't google it out online. I saw a lot about GATING for lung cancer raditation though using electronics to catch the right place in the waveform to zap the moving target. For me for now though it appears I've gotten the same effect going low tech.

Life is breath-taking, and giving.

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