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I thought it best to put this post as a new topic so more of you dear friends could see it and help me, please

I went to the hospital at 9:00 AM this morning, and finally had a bronchoscope at 11:30! Aren't these hospitals efficient? The doctor was 30 minutes late as I wait in an uncomfortable position with my nose harnessed for a breathing treatment; then they took that off and I waited more. Finally the doctor came and before I knew it, I was knocked out and woke up being taken back to my room. My husband was waiting for the doctor, so the doctor went in and told him that HE WAS NOT ABLE TO FIND THE CANCER! Can you believe this? So I am back at square one.

The next step is unknown right now; it is contingent upon whether the oncologist can come up with a treatment without knowing for sure what kind of lung cancer this is - whether a recurrence or a new one, plus all the other areas that were lit up on the PET SCAN. If the onc can't proceed, and I am a bit uncomfortable with him proceeding without knowing what, precisely, he is treating me for? Anyway if the onc is uncomfortable, then the surgeon will open up the front of my neck and get in there for a biopsy.

Needless to say, friends, I am a total and complete wreck!

Have any of you heard of such a thing? Any advice, pleae?


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I would use every available diagnostic test before being cut. Including Blood work ups. Sending prayers and hope they do not find anything at all. Keep us posted. Do a search for Diveman?? He is a new member who the doctor thought had Lung cancer. After checking and comparing with scans from 7 years ago which showed initital mass, Doctors said it was Veins? Showing up. How bizzare is that!!!

Do not worry about Search! Diveman next post.

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I went to my internist at the end of october and he saw a spot on my upper right lobe since I am a former smoker quit about a year ago he thought that it could be cancerous I went to my old doctor and picked up a film from 2000 taken while I had pneumonia the spot was there it had just become more defined. I went for a ct scan last week and everything looked good it turns out that the spot is a vein who knows I would like to think my doc knows where my veins are. I would try to get every test possible to confirm what it is that you have it may not be cancer. My old films taken while I had pneumonia were loaded with cloudy streaks and some spots.


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Hi Barb,

I went back and re-read your CT and PET interpretations.

There is no mention of size of questionable mets in either one. No mm or cm references.

Secondly, there was a submandibular lymph that lit up on the PET. This would be an easy mark from which to take a specimen? And that is a question.


What is the NEXT step from here?

Everything is going to be okay! I'll rustle up 3 or 4 of Eppie's squirrels with bats!

Cindi o'h

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Cindi o'h: OH, CINDI is quite a good description! Lol. Cindi, your posts are so uplifting and so funny sometimes. You do that--work your magic.

I am trying to make arrangements for MD Anderson to interview me and check me out, but don't know if I can make that happen. I am soooooooooooooo wiped out over all this! It seems from the time I had my surgery until now, I have had nothing but problems, when I was told I was cured! I have had acid reflux, terrible nerve pains up and down my legs, hips, and lower back; and I won't bore you with the other things. But I know that I'm not alone, and that many others here in our family have suffered as much or even more than I have, so I know it is not just me, and I try to pray for everyone in this family of lung cancer survivors and loved ones.

Thanks for your post.


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oh okay.

Back to that submandibular lymph node on the PET...

That one is probably resulting from an oral infection/inflammation yes?

It seems to me if the cancer cells go up they would be loving your supraclavicular lymph nodes and not the submandibulars. Again. Just a guess. Do you have pain/bleeding gums/dental infection on the side that lit up the PET?

I am thinking it might be a good thing the bronch wasn't able to find ca. What if ca isn't there? Can you stand it? What about waiting another month for a CT scan follow up. Would you be able or willing to do that?

I am hoping that the interpretations are way off base. It's been known to happen before, you know.

XXXX for all to go the best direction for you, Barb.

Cindi o'h

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So sorry for all this confusion right now for you.

For what it is worth, Tony lit up all along his jawline in one PET scan (actually looked kinda like an Abe Lincoln beard thing going on)and it was from mouth irritation he had from chemo at the time. Maybe you are experiencing something entirely different like our dear Cindi O'h said.

Hoping that this gets resolved quickly for your peace of mind.


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