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Dear members:

Although I am not very religious, I have no problem with people saying prayers for one another nor mentioning God on the "general" message board--it certainly helps people cope and is very supportive----however, it seems to me that some recent messages are getting a little inappropriate for the "general" message board--

although people mean well, some messages are a little out of hand and getting too much into personal beliefs rather then being supportive--examples: -no offense to the author--but to say you are "damned because God does not choose to heal you" may be very offensive to the people that have recently lost loved ones---also quoting the bible is in other messages from another author--

again, each to his/her own beliefs, but perhaps these things can go under spirituality/prayers?

not sure of everyone's thoughts on this---but I hope the "general" board does not get into fights about faith, God, etc.

regards to everyone


nscl stage 1A

lobectomy 6/00

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Hi Eileen,

Im a very religious person and do feel more free in the Spirituality section to go more into it, say more. Whenever Ive talked about my faith I have always tried to present it in a positive nature. I would never say "God damned you" first of all because I only believe God is good. I hope when I talk about religion it uplifts someone, not brings them down. None of us has ever stated what religion we are but we have always tried to be respectful of each other. Also, we have been respectful of each other as far as who is religious and who isnt.

My faith is part of who I am and if I can uplift someone with it, I am happy to do it in any forum.

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