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Can this be true


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I went back to the Oncologist Dec. 1st and he said I was cured. He had given me a brief exam checking for lumps I guess, in my neck and under my arms. He looked at my x-ray and said it was clear. However he wants me back in 6 months.

I'm thankfull and gratefull for the treatments and all the prayers from friends and family and I've said a few for myself.

I guess I will always be a bit aprensive with the thought of it returning in the back of my mind; but the back of my mind is where it will stay.

My love and prayers will be with all the LC survivors and remember there is HOPE

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That's great. It can happen. I like to hear other people getting great results. I had a similar experience, but they wanted to give me a PET scan to comfirm it and when they did the said NED. Did your ocn say anything about a PET scan? Keep in touch.

Stay positive, :lol:


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