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I am still a fan of Gamma Knife

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I just wanted to post quickly tonight as I have to get back to my Harvard on-line course (no, don't ask). Anyway, some have asked me if I was sorry about the Gamma Knife..NO WAY. The procedures saved his life without question. Yes, the seizures were scary but did no irreversible damage. His scar has gone away so quickly it seems like all this happened 6 months ago. Additionally, Gamma Knife led us to CyberKnife and IMRT for the lung and liver tumors. It all worked for him so I have to say we are believers in all kinds of stereotactic radiation. The other thing is that Jeff was on chemotherapy for an entire year :shock:with no breaks. many patients simply cannot handle the medicine. Jeff's stamina, the doctors willingness to switch chemotherapy protocols quickly if they did not show immediate results and the Good Lord have truly blessed us beyond comprehension (given the original diagnosis and prognosis). It is hard to believe that in January it will be two full years since they told me he had just a few months to live. There is hope in the world!

Thinking of you all,


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Trish: you and Jeffrey have sure had a long journey doing the lung cancer dance. Thanks to you and this site, I was led to cyberknife and then on to IGRT to zap my 3rd tumor in my remaining lung. I was talked out of doing cyberknife because I have only one lung, and the risk of pneumothorax seemed to outweigh the extra benefit I would get from cyberknife vs. IGRT. I lost about 10% of my lung capacity with this last treatment, but I think it is coming back a bit. I think it worked. I will find out in less than 2 weeks at a PET/CT scan.

Enjoy your time at Harvard on line.

Don M

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Hi Trish,

Glad to see this post and I do think of you guys often. So glad Jeff is doing so well.

I too, would like to know the differences between IGRT AND IMRT.

It's such a crazy disease. Don't you Wish there was a one size fits all solution!!

Keep up the good work.



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It's really a miracle. He looks so well in your picture.

I am sure your holiday's will be wonderful!! He has come such a long long way.

See out there, there is so much hope.. Jeffrey is a perfect example.

Maryanne :wink:

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I can't help it…I have to describe the difference between IGRT and IMRT. Trish is probably locked into the Harvard website.

IMRT stands for intensity modulated radiation therapy. The radiation oncologist and his team are able to adjust (modulate) the intensity of the beam as it passes through the body. When it first enters the body, the beam is of very low intensity. When it arrives at the tumor its intensity is increased and as it leaves the tumor and begins exiting the body, the intensity is reduced again. They are also able to shape the beam to conform to the shape of the tumor.

IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy)is the same thing as IMRT. It is just refined a bit more in that the radiation therapists are able to see the tumor in near real time with an on board imager. If they have to, they can adjust the coordinates input in the computer so that the tumor can be more accurately located. Sometimes one’s position on the table may not be perfectly replicated from one session to the next, or the tumor could have changed size and shape or shifted somewhat its location in the body. The onboard imager is able to account for these slight changes and the changes can be made.

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So glad to see this post! I am getting unnecessarily apprehensive about my mom's Gamma procedure on Thursday (hey--I even had a hard time when my son got tubes in his ears. I can't help it!), and although I know it will be just fine, it is good to hear more positive info about Gamma.

:) Kelly

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Your mom is going to be fine. There are so many of us praying for her.

Gamma and Cyber are almost the same...Please keep us posted on how she is doing. I had Cyberkinfe in Oct.. New technology, we are blessed to have it available...

Jeffery has done remarkable, we are all blessed.

Please keep us posted.



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