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Not so good news about Darrell.Update 12/8. I am heartbroken


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Hello Everyone.

A few of you have sent me private messages and posted to the forums inquiring about our friend Darrell. I have left a couple of emails for him as well as text messages and had gotten no response. This is completely out of character for him.

This morning I phoned him and his Uncle Bob answered the phone. Darrell is currently in the Cardiac Care Unit of his local hospital. He has a condition called ARDS, (acute respiratory distress syndrome) and is not doing well. His lungs have been bleeding out, and he is on a ventilator. The doctors have him in a drug induced semi~coma to help keep him comfortable.

Because he is so weak the doctors have stopped the chemo and at this point it is not looking likely that they will resume it, at least not for some time.

Please pray for him. I need not go into further detail here as I am fairly certain that we all know this is not a very good situation. I have had the wonderful blessing of getting to know Darrell and his fighting spirit and wonderful, positive attitude have been such wonderful inspiration to many of us.

I will update you all as I learn more, Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming. I am sure Darrell feels them all.

My best to you all


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Prayers and Positive thoughts coming up. Some timews the hospital is what we ned to regroup and get better. Hoping and Praying for that.

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Oh Chris,

I was hoping not to see a post like this. I am heart broken and in tears right now. He is such a class act. Always up and optimistic. He never complained once.

I can't even post right now.

I pray for him, I hate picturing him in his present condition. G-d help him. Please a miracle...


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