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Lung Cancer Cookbook Fun


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I ordered 10 and 3 of them are for neighbor who got thefirst one from me. Friends of hers came over adnsaw the cookbook, which I had inscribed as Of in memory of Debbie Wallin and their daughter used to work with Deb before she got sick. SMALL WORLD HUHH!!!!

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Great idea Jen! Let's add to the fun and vote on the best recipe in the cookbook. We all know Geri's crabdip would have won with last years edition, but people would have to buy the cookbook to try the recipes to vote of course. Ummm, the winner of the cookoff should receive 10 free copies of next years edition. Whaddaya guys think?

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I can't wait to get all the orders. WOOHOO!!!!!!

Sheri, I like your idea, but I don't necessarily think we will do a cookbook again next year so fast since some people are getting sick of them ;)

I like the idea of a contest though. How about I will send 5 free cookbooks to whomever orders the most (which includes geting their family/friends to order). It will be each person's responsibility to let me know who their friends/family are.

So far the top order is tied at 24 books :)

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