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Sister's pet scan???


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My sister had her scan today, and she has not received official reports yet, but her niece in law told us that it is almost not there anymore. She just sees a small spot and she doesn't know what it is. But the spot that was on her thyroid is gone completely. She will get the "official Dr.'s Report" probably Wednesday. Her neice in law works in the office and is not a radiologist, but is a tech. Anyway, she is not supposed to tell her anything, but she knows how my sister will worry herself crazy. So I guess what I am asking is...IS THIS GOOD NEWS? She has only had 3 chemo treatments so far, so is it normal for it to work this well so fast?

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The radiologist read the scans and said it looks great. He said he doesn't see anything and the small shadow spot on her lung, he thinks could just be caused by the chemo treatments. I know that we have prayed our hearts out to hear this news, but could we possibly be seeing a miracle? I also know that it very often comes back..but that is not the here and now. This would be great for the Christmas holidays. She has not talked to her Oncologist yet, he will probably get the reports today,but if the cancer is no longer there, what do we expect next?

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