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Joel 2nd chemo/Holidays


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Hi All,

Joel had his 2nd chemo on Tues. The gave him the neulasta shot but because his white count was okay they gave him 1/2 the shot.

On Friday, he felt fine as the 1st chemo he was bedridden. It actually effected him Sat. and Sun. The flu like aches. No fever this time. Even though it was bad it was not anything as bad as the first chemo. Today he is doing fine and I imagine by tomorrow he will be like himself again.

His next chemo would be on Dec. 19th which means he would be down for Xmas eve and still feeling fatigue on Xmas day. We have a family tradition that we all go to a nice dinner Xmas eve, then come back home and open our gifts. We have been doing this as far back as I can remember. Joel was so concerned about not making it this Xmas Eve. Well... I asked our Dr. West if Joel's chemo was put off a week would that make a difference in his treatment.

He said and I quote "I usually advise my patients that a week or two is not likey to be clinically meaningful and often do some schedule shifts around the holidays. I would not expect it to be a big deal at all especially in the setting in which Joel is getting treated."

So, I called his Onchologist and asked him the same question and mentioned I asked our Onchologist online and he said he saw nothing wrong with it. Well he agreed and Joel will have to go to chemo the day after Xmas... So it will be a great holdiday..

2 down 2 more treatments to go... YIPPPPPEEEEEEEE!! :mrgreen:

A happy Maryanne & Joel see us below, we're happy, Also the Eagles won tonight on Monday night Football without Donavan... They look good.... life is good. :wink:

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I am sure that is a load off of YOUR mind!!! You will have such a good time now.

FYI, during my chemo 9 years ago, twice my 3 week chemo became 4 weeks because my counts were too low, and for some reason my onc didn't give the shots. I survived quite fine.


PS I am not surviving now after staying up and watching the whole football game!

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My Mom and I did the same thing today.

She was scheduled for the 19th of Dec for her final cycle and we wanted to wait until the day after Christmas. Told it was fine also...

We are in Riverton-I see you are in Vorhees-where does your husband go for treatment? I think we spoke during the chat on a Tuesday night back in October.


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Hi Dar,

Sorry about your mom. I hope her spirits are better.

Joel is seeing the doctors from Cooper Cancer Center. They have a couple of offices one being practically out my back door, which is great that it is that close. We lucked out there. That is where his Onchologist is and where he gets his chemo.

His doctors are excellent and were written up in the best docs in South Jersey magazine.

I am so glad your mom was able to get her chemo changed also. Now she can enjoy her holidays also. She should be really fine at that point.

I am just glad that I asked Dr. West that question as I just thought in my own mind that it had to be the 3 weeks or it would do something to jeopardize the treatment. So what he told me changed everything. Certainly the mood around here. In fact I just put up the tree today, so let the holidays begin!! :D

Take care and next year come out to our South Jersey walk for LC. We would to meet you!!

Maryanne :wink:

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