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I am going to the surgeon for an appointment late this afternoon (5:00) pm. He is going to discuss doing a biopsy!

I am also in touch with a oncologist, who will have a consultation with me tomorrow afternoon.

I am also in touch with MD ANDERSON comprehensive cancer treatment place in Houston, Texas. I have faxed all requested paperwork, reports, etc., and talked to them some on the phone. They told me OK to proceed with the biopsy, but not take any treatment if I want to go there, because once I start treatment here they will not see mw!

I don't even know IF they will see me yet!

They (MD ANDERSON) told me to have the surgeon tell the pathologist to send the slides to them for their review.


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I am barely able to breathe right now, because I am so short of breath, not only because of the cancer thing but because I think I have a throat infection, not sure.

Thursday - Got a stomach cat scan--made me drink this junk at night, and here I go to Xray the next day and lo and behold the nurse comes smiling with a big plastic cup full of that crap! I couldn't believe it, but wait! It gets worse! This junk would gag a maggot, I'm telling you, and it took everything I had to get it down, and I am sitting there waiting to be called, and getting aggravated, and here comes miss smiley again with a second cup of the goop! I said WHAT? I finally asked her what was going on, and she said after this one, one more and that's it! I said I would have appreciated having been told what to expect, not this way! I don't think it's fair to pull that off. Besides my stomach, they did one on my pelvis, both of these being with and without contrast.

Anyway, I got through that but don't have the results yet.

Yesterday morning at 6:30 I go to the hospital for the biopsy. You may recall I went through that last week and the pulmonologist couldn't seem to find it. So anyway, I was taken into surgery, and the surgeon cut my neck and put the scope down there for a biopsy. I don't know how it came out yet, but he said I should get the results on that by Wed. this coming week.

I had no idea what I was in for on this. I got very, very sick--nauseated and dizzy from this procedure, and my throat is so sore right now that I can hardly swallow.

I guess I am just a chicken little that gets all sick and worried doing something like this that maybe others would just blow off. I took a pain pill when I got home (like an idiot, on an empty stomach), and if I felt nauseated before this was REALLY REALLY BAD. It was oxycondon or something like that.

I am waiting and hoping that the results won't be too awful bad.

Needless to say, this couldn't have come at a worse time for me, right at Xmas holidays.


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Hi Barb,

Sorry this is so togh for you. My initial testing went really well with little discomfit (other than that nagging fear!). MB Andersen has an excellent rep - It was between them and Moffitt when I was diagnosed. I decided on Moffitt due primarily to wher the family lived - FL and NY.

I hope you get the answers and the relief you need and can enjoy the holidays.

Good luck.


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