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Getting to Know You - December 06


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This one is a bit different. As most of you know, I have been completely comsumed with weddings, new babies and job relocation/changes. I think I'm back to about as "normal" as I can possibly be right now, so hopefully the GTKY posts will resume.

So....everyone please catch me up on what's new with you....please. Read the post below to see what's new with me.

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So....here goes....

I have a new DIL, a new grandaughter and....a new husband!!!

Dick and I were married several months ago in a nice, quiet ceremony at my best friend's house. I was going to tell all of you when it happened but there was so much sorrow on the board that I felt guilty being all bubbly and happy.

So...what's new with all of you???? Please share!!!

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Very happy for you, Ann. I had wondered why your daily questions were missing.

We got through Thanksgiving okay and are now bracing for Christmas. I have most of my shopping done (online and things I have found around the house!). I continue in a grief support group, which has helped. Keeping an eye on my three kids and their coping. Had my grandson for a day (college freshman) before Thanksgiving, and we went to see casino Royale (very good). Don

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There really isn't anything NEW with Alan and I and

to me this is good news. That means NO NEW CANCER. I

have gone back to school part time, I have served on

a couple of committees at St. Joseph Hospital and

have been added to the Foundation Board of Directors

for Alan's radiation Oncologist. I felt a need to

give back to the men (Dr. Mahmood and Dr. Tokita)who

gave me back my husband. The best way I have found to

do that is volunteer at the place where they perform

their Miracles. Alan is still doing very well and

we continue to make the most of everyday.

Love to all on this board as they continue the daily

fight and to those who are grieving the loss of a

loved on. I keep you all in prayer everyday.

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Wow, you sly dog you! Fancy being able to keep the wedding to yourself, even with bad crap going on here we would have celebrated with you. My very, very best wishes to you and Mr Ann, I wish for nothing but good things for you.

Add to all that a new DIL and new grandchild and that seems like a whole new life.

Oh well, life here was seeming pretty mundane and then I read your post Ann and realized that life here IS mundane! Apart from passing my 5 years from dx mark and feeling damn good about that and the walk results there is absolutely nothing to report - boring can be VERY good news at times.

So happy for you.


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Congratulations on your marriage.

Things here are hectic. Yesterday was Caitlin's arrival day from Korea and she wants to have a party Friday night. Thursday is Jillian's birthday and so we'll have something at home for that and then a party later after Christmas. I am in the middle of trying to get all the Christmas wrapping done. One good thing though-- I think I am done shopping. Maybe a few minor things I missed but the majority is DONE.

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What a day of good news. First Amie and now you.

I am so, so happy for you, Ann!!


Here is my good news....

After years of dragging my butt, I have finally moved.

(Still in the Chicagoland area though)

We did have to put it off for a day because of the snowstorm that hit Chicago last Friday. But, finally got everything in the new place and now just have to get it all organized!

Now, just trying to get into the Christmas spirit....


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Way to go, Ann :lol::lol::lol: ! Glad you FINALLY decided to share good news! We ALWAYS want to share in the good times of folks here, ya know? Too bad we didn't know before, we could have had a shower for you :lol: ! You know how very pleased I am for you. Was Tanner the ringdog :roll: ? Now THAT would be a picture!

Things here are good. Fred is continuing to recuperate and holiday planning/decorating/shopping is coming along at its normal crawl............so I can fuss about it! I won't bother to go into the 2ft. square hole in the family room ceiling! I am thinking I will have to hang some greens from it for all the holiday company :? ! Needless to say this is NOT the time of year to have moisture problems in the ceiling! But, ya know what? A couple of years ago I would have been outta my mind that things wouldn't be 'perfect', and now........well, it's just one of those things. And I do think greens will be very attractive!

And Ann, how about some pics of YOUR special day with that very lucky guy?


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