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Constipation during chemo?

beat it

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So anyone had this? It came with the second round, being blamed on pain meds, but I wonder since it wasnt there prior to this round of chemo (and she doest take that many pain meds now). We've had some reduction which I am so greatful for then comes round 2 and 7 days out shes so weak (not functioning normally at all), not hungry and there isnt an enema or RX that can make her go. ER xray showed no blockage or impacted bowels so I guess thats good.

Chemo is wicked. Hard to watch, keeping focused on the reduction, but sometimes wonder if it isnt the alternative things we're doing that is helping so??? Chemo simply distroys her life, this time around its longer. I still dont know if I believe Chemo for quality of life.

well anyway....thanks!

Beat it!

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In addition to the prescription meds, you should make sure she is getting all the natural stuff that makes the bowels move such as apple juice, prune juice, bran etc. I work with individuals that are on lots of various seizure meds that cause constipation and the usual never fail remedy our nurses recommend is a MOM bomb which is Milk of Magnesia with prune juice (it works-- gotta love those nurses). Also-- lots and lots of water will help prevent an impaction. I hope she has some relief soon.

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