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Hello to all of you in the world of lung cancer.

I posted once but I think it was in the wrong place.

My name is Judy and I was diagnosed with Stage 1b non small cell lung cancer in March of this year.

I'm a social worker and have, I think, pretty good social skills, but this morning I'm ticked.

1) at my boss, whose reply when I told him I'm scheduled for outpatient surgey on the 18th ( to remove the port cath used for chemo ), was that if I take off that day, he has staffing problems...

2) at the Ill Dept of Regulation, who hasn't replied to my message re: status of complaint against a physician who forgot to read my CAT Scan last year,...if I hadn't asked for a copy to be mailed to me, I would not have known I had lung cancer.

It's one of those days....I just needed to vent.

Thankyou for providing this space.

Judy McKee

really greatful to be alive...

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Hmmm... Illinois state government can really be quite crappy -- and so can bosses who don't care about "people"!

Sorry you are going through this emotional garbage, but glad you are doing well enough to have your port removed! That's a good thing. :D


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Sometimes things seem that they just don’t go right. As for your boss, he just not with it. It is nice to know that you are so important that they have a big problem when you are not there. I think I would have said: “I’m sorry to cause you a problem, but I’m sure you will appreciate me when I return".

The doctor does not sound too competent. Always ask for an appointment to go over any test results. You are doing the right thing to get copies.

What’s most important is that you do not get stressed out over these things, because when you are stressed it only hurts you.

I used to get mad at road rage, now I just say to my self “isn’t just nice to be here, so someone can cut me off”.

Stay positive, :lol:


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#1, definitely don't stress...for you and your own health.

#2, I hope my validation of the fact that your boss is indeed being a jerk and I get your frustration helps reduce that stress a little. It often amazes me how folks lose sight of life and it's challenges which exist OUTSIDE of the workplace.

#3, best of luck with the state. Wow, take the doctor to task! But not at the expense of stressing. As my mom used to say, every dog has his day.

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Hi Judy,

Try to put it out of your mind and find something calming.

I have on seasonal music selections from my cable system and I'm reading a great book. Takes me away from all the people who don't think before opening their mouths.

I wish you serenity. (And of course, some venting is needed to get there! and maybe even a cocktail!)


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