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What do you all think?

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The cancer center called and said they want to adopt our family for the holidays! :o I am so touched by this and think it is the nicest gesture. I can't help but think maybe there is another family that needs it more. On one hand, we are going through this very devastating adjustment in our lives and it is wonderful to be thought of and on the other, I want families that do not have to have and would not want to take away from someone who could benefit. I actually wanted to try and organize adopting a family myself, even though I do not have the money to do it by myself but together with some others we could pull it off, so that a family in need would have a little help and then I received the call saying someone wanted to adopt us. Do you think it is wrong that I accepted? I am a giver. I like to help others and am not used to others helping us.

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It is absolutely NOT wrong that you accepted

Receive it as love. Receive it as a little shaft of light in a really, really hard time.

And enjoy it.

And... If you feel so led--pass on that kindness, this year... or another time.

But for right now. Take it as a gift and a blessing and something special coming out of really rotten stuff.

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I've been reading your posts. Cancer is such a rollercoaster. New ourselves since September I learn alot here. You have taught me here too!!

Recently you posted you were frustrated that things are so hard (and might I add your right) That it just seems we CAN be given more than we can handle. As I read that I thought, "but in my faith I am taught we cant be given more than we can handle" why is she having to feel this way. I felt so bad for you.

Now I see a blessing coming your way. Help, light and a burdon lifted.Maybe an acknowledgment of your struggle?? Girl dont be silly and turn down something that is going to make it easier for you to manage and handle the load!!!

Except it with THANSKGIVING and remember you all DESERVE THIS!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Beat it!!

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It's not wrong, in fact we've been in similar circumstances. This year the hospital gave us 2 turkeys and all the trimmings for Thanksgiving! and last year at Christmas, we were so blessed, our daughters' school was part of an organization that helped out needy families at Christmas, my girls got some nice clothes and some toys/games. Also last year a wonderful neighbor and his family "adopted" us last Christmas too and gave us some wonderful gifts.

I know how you feel, it is so strange, especially if you're used to giving and not receiving. But know that many people out there that you even don't know that well, want to make it easier and bring some joy for you and your family at Christmas, when you all are going thru such an extremely stressful time.


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You definitely did the right thing by accepting the offer! Being a giver, you know how good it feels to make someone else happy. There is nothing like watching someone accept a gift that is just right for them. So by accepting this gift, you will in fact be giving a gift. Seeing joy in your family will be so worth it to you and to those offering the adoption. You owe it to yourself, your family, and the cancer center.

Receive it with an open heart and know that next will be your year to give back.

Have a wonderful Christmas!


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