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Not what we hoped for, but...


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I just got back from the oncologist. I had my first x-ray on Monday after 2 months of Iressa. The tumor has not grown and there are no new lesions. There is more scarring in that area (from that darn radiation!!) and I have a small amount of fluid in my lung, but I knew both of those things going in because of how I am breathing and coughing. I had hoped that maybe this time I would finally get to hear about my tumor shrinking, but I won't complain since it is at least not spreading.

I am concerned about more scarring in my lung--radiation ended over 4 months ago. How long is it going to continue ruining my lung?


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Sorry you didn't get to hear what you wanted (I empathize with you because we didn't either), but it is a great outlook to be positive about no new growths. I am so sorry about the shortness of breath and cough (my mom too is having much trouble with both). I pray you get some relief. Enjoy your little one and hugs to you.

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Becky, I agree no growth is good news. Hope the breathing and coughing are getting better for you. Keep it up!!!

I may have already asked you this in a previous chemo induced haze but...... is there still a little roadside park in Nacadoches that has an old fighter jet parked in it. We lived in Vernon TX when I was a little boy and used to go to Paris TX to visit our relatives and we would always stop in Nacadoches and eat a sandwhich in that park and I would play on that plane. Fond memories of your home town.

David C

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