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One Year Without Bill


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Well, I wish I could say that this past year has gone quickly, but it hasn't. It's almost impossible for me to believe that I've made it thru one year; made it thru all those "firsts", but I have. The year has been packed with so many lonely and sad days, but with many happy ones as well. I've had five dreams about Bill since his death and found six hidden notes/messages from him. His love for me sustains me thru my days and my nights and, surprisingly, I look forward to this Holiday season. My heart breaks with grief, but I've found a great deal of peace in my faith in God. I always thought my faith was strong, but my loss, my pain and my suffering have shown me that it is so much stronger than I gave myself credit for. God (and Bill) are taking care of me and for the first time in many months I look at my parents, my siblings, my children and my friends and I don't see worry in their eyes. I will be okay, I will be with Bill again someday and until that day, I will live life to the fullest and keep every promise I made to him. Thanks to all of you here for helping me along this path. Many of you will never know how special your words, hugs and prayers have been to me. God bless all of you and Happy Holidays.

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Hi Beth,

I knew this day was approaching and was wondering how you are doing. I'm delighted to read that you are feeling good and I hope you continue on this upswing.

Yes, life is worth living, and while you will see Bill again someday, live your life to the fullest while you are here.

This makes my day to know that you're feeling good.

Have a peaceful and happy holiday season.


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Hi Beth,

I have been thinking about you but I see you are in good hands. G-d has a way of helping wounded souls. "Ask and ye shall receive". I know your Bill has much to do with your healing process also. You are doing what his wishes are and he is at peace with that. He comes to you in your dreams. That is special.

Also all those little notes you are finding is helping you heal. What a great way of letting you know how much he appreciates you and how much you are loved. Those letters are PRICELESS!

You have been on a roller coaster ride this past year since your Bill's passing and I am glad for your new attitude. You have much to be thankful for this Xmas. Your beautiful family for one. It will be a bittersweet Xmas and I hold you close in my heart.

Your Bill will always be near you and one day way the road you will be united and it will be an everlasting reunion.

Peace be with you.

Maryanne :wink:

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