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help. feels like high fever but don't thermometer says &quot


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They came yesterday after work. Body aches throughout body, fatigue, chills. Today seems worse. It feels exactly like a high fever but thermometer says 98.3. What's up? I haven't had chemo for almost two weeks. I usually feel ok at this point? I get whammied somehow. The only thing I can think of is I ran out of my special supplement - Coriolus. Bought some more today. Calling doc.


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Admitted. WBC - 2.0 yesterday and nutraphils (ph?) were 200. Today, WBC down to 1.7. WTF?!? I haven't had a fever since I got here and they got me on antibiotics every 6 hours. I am really tiring of the constant IV fluids, so with the help of a friend, I disconnected myself and bolted out of my room for the patient rec room. Pissed off my nurse. They want you to just lie down and take everything. She told me that my doctor's orders were 24/7 IV fluids. I told her "I'm refusing them for the next half hour." It feels good to be unattached. And, surprisingly, the rec room is awesome - sun, terrace, foosball, internet, board games.

I could be in here a week. I am going to check out the Neutropenic menu tonight - beef ragout! In the meantime waiting for bloodcounts to rise again.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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