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Pet Scan Results

Andrea B.

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We found out today that there are still active cancer cells present and they have increased slightly. :( But the good news is that there are no new mets. :) My mom's cough and shortness of breath are still undiagnosed. I mentioned the possibility of radiation pneumonitis to her oncologist and felt he blew me off. He said it would have showed up in the CT scan and that only the upper lobe was radiated (so not enough to cause shortness of breath). Anyone heard of this?? So I insisted my mom go see her radiation oncologist to see if he can help her. Her oncologist is having her sent to receive an echocardiogram on her heart to make sure there are no problems there. Oh, I pray and pray each day. Please God hear my prayers.

My mom is going to begin Gemzar/Taxotere in a couple of weeks.

There are days that I am so tired of this wretched disease and how it runs our lives. But I absolutely refuse to give up hope. My mom is a fighter and she raised me that same way.

Prayers for a CURE!

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As far as keeping the rest of the family up to date, we see our son on an almost daily basis, as he lives next door, and I call our daughter on a weekly basis. Both are concerned about me, but have taken a passive role, as my wife makes all the doctor visits with me. Our daughter also is rather busy with a month old baby girl.

We, who are the survivors, are as concerned about the family members and caregivers, as the are for us. The difference may be that we know how we feel. I always am telling my wife to let go and take time for herself. I am fully capable of taking care of myself and am still able to drive, play golf, and keep fairly active.

Just make sure that you are getting time for yourself. I agree with Don.

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I echo Dave's and Don's statements, take time for yourself. Your mom knows you are concerned about her, you are such a caring daughter and I am sure she worries about you. She sounds like a fighter, like me and won't give up easily. We tough old broads are hard to beat! Some of us will just have a bumpier path to remission than others. I just told my daughter tonight on the phone that it will probably take me longer than anyone else to reach remission but I WILL get there come hell or high water. Will keep you and your mom in my prayers

God Bless

Bess B

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I am glad she is going to the radiation oncologist. My understanding is that it normally does show up on the CT, but the bit about it only being he upper lobe not being enoguh to cause shortness of breath sounds like garbage--mine was just my upper lobe, and it was plenty to cause shortness of breath. I hope they figure it out soon, one way or another.


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Dear Andrea,

I am crying as I do this but I am going to do it. If you have a pulmonologist go see him about the shortness of breath. My dads onc and radiation onc. refused to diagnose him with pneumonitis, they said it was to early for him to develop it because he was still receiving radiation(4.5 weeks into it)My dad refused any more radiation until he could see his pulm. He did see his pulm and his pulm told him good thing he stopped, because he did develop it. I dont know why but I hear it a lot, doctors are not to qiuck to diagnose pneumonitis. Please get your mom to a pulm and one you trust. My dads pulmonologist told me once that it is very unfortunate but we do have to be proactive in our own health care. Many times I went to him with suggestions and he was so willing to listen. Its a shame his oncology team wasnt like that. You are a wonderful daughter, you and mom are lucky to have each other.

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