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Haven't been sleeping well -


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I had a dream last night but can't remember the last time I had one. Weird dream I had, too...

I dreamed that I came home from work to a felled tree in my yard - not a big deal, unless you know that I live on a 40-acre hay farm and am thousands of feet from the woods. Somehow, a giant California redwood must have sprung up just to crash into my yard - but hey, it IS a dream...

So I'm home from work and talking to my mother who tells me they saw the tree fall but didn't realize that it had crushed my Cookie (the sweet little brown dog) until they saw my nephew beating the squished body with a toy hammer.

Okay, now there's a HUGE tree down in my yard, my dog has been crushed and my nephew is over with a toy hammer? But wait, it gets weirder...

So as I'm looking out on the scene of this curly top little redhead pounding on a flat dog, Amish buggies start pouring into the field and the Amish folks all get out of the buggies and spread out blankets for a picnic! Yeah, a bunch of black buggies, people in plain dress and straw hats are picnicking around this odd tree and my poor dead dog!

...and it's WARM! (Been below freezing here and we have snow!)

Weird, just weird, I tell ya. I told my boys (husband and son) about the dream this morning while awaiting my son's bus...the boys both wondered what I'd been smoking...

First dream in a long time and my little sweetie gets mushed - and that's the day my nephew picks to visit? He's only four, where the heck were his parents? Trees were falling all over the place!

Now I'm going to have to fine a book on dreams and their meanings and figure out what the heck it all meant, it's like I was dreaming a Salvador Dali!

How 'bout sharing a weird dream you've experienced? C'mon, the "whack"er, the better!

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Hi Snowflake, OK here's what I think it might mean. :?:)

Maybe you are eating Ice Cream before bed, or maybe you are feeling disconnected with the rest of the world? You are minding your own business, coming home from work to find things out of place, people acting inappropriately, and oblivious to your feelings. Even the weather is unusual.

Maybe it's as if that big tree fell on you, and the rest of the world doesn't care or can't understand? What is the rest of the world thinking?

Well just my 2 cents. 8):)

I had several very bad dreams, nightmares really, when I was first dx'd. But they eventually went away.


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Geezzzz 'Snow' where the heck did "dat' come from...very wierd dream kiddo...and don't they seem so real...So many times I was so happy I woke up....but then....listen to this...and is true for me anyway....

My grandma used to say ...when you dream and then in the morning happen to touch your head...You WILL not remember the dream....probably some old Italian fish tale..but it HAS happen to me...and I am like Barb....when I was first DX ..I had many many crazy dreams....But now knock myself out with either Zanax or Ambien and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

Wishing you sweeter dreams Beck...and don't bother buying book on dreams....just 'hogwash"...ha


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Katie's analysis sounds logicl. I guess sometimes a dream is just a dream, but I often find meaning in them.

Last night I had a very disturbing dream actually, I was getting married, Brian collapsed, I was fighting with the hospital, then something happened to my mom, and somehow we were at UCLA hospital and other weird stuff.

I often find when something is bothering me, I dream about stuff. Like if work is annoying, I have a work dream, etc.

I hope you have a peacefu sweet dream soon!

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