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A Quick Update on Frank L.

Frank Lamb

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Hi All,last week I had follow up with the completed 14 WBR's.The 3.5 cm tumor in my brain had shrunk to 2cm.Drs.seemed ok with that but I was a little dissapointed hoping for better than that.On Thursday we spent a very long and difficult day at a different Pgh. hospital (tx not available at the VA).I had x-knife procedure done,and they say they are sure they zapped the hell out of it along with another smaller tumor they found on the other side of my head.

Now I am back on the steroids again (more late nites)and have an appt.on the 19th of this month with the chemo onc.to see what we can do with the large tumor in my lung that is really giving me what for.I have already had twice the limit of radiation to that area I am allowed so I'm pretty sure chemo will be the only option there.

Warning,be on the lookout for many typos and other errors in my according to the chicken cult other wise excellent typing as the steroids and I get a little wild at times. :roll:

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Pretty good typing there FRANK LAMB! Good to see you are getting all taken care of. Too bad the chest tumour is messing with you. Hopefully, like you say, there will be a chemo to knock it back.

Do understand about the steroids. I have been seeing you on past your bedtime so now I know what's up with that. Hope they aren't being too rough on you.

Continued prayers your way, Frank. Must say, you are one heck of a lc warrior! Wow!

Cindi o'h

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Lucky for you Debi is occupied with the new job and probably doesn't have time to harass you about your typing skills or send chickens your way. I hope they can zap everything left somehow and get you on your way to a great 2007.

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for the update. I knew your tests were coming up soon. Just did not know when.

I also along with so many others pray the zapping works.

Keep your mind occupied and answers post anytime we don't care if it there are words missing, we know it is only temporary. Keep those jokes coming. I always look forward to reading them.

Remember the fat lady... boy did we kick her butt!!

Sending prayers your way.

Maryanne :wink:

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So good to hear from you and get the update. Don't forget the rads keep working for 3-4 weeks after, so that little bugger could go "poof" before that time!

As far as your typos, we've lived through them before and are plenty glad to do it again! :lol:

Hang in there big guy -- you are in my thoughts.


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I am glad to see you are still in the fight Frank. You seem to have such a "matter of fact" way of dealing with your lc.

Maybe you could radiate that tumor in your lung with targeted radiation, such as IMRT. I think the VA would have IMRT. The idea is the tumor only gets the brunt of the radiation and the healthy tissue is not as exposed, thus making it sometimes possible to have additional radiation.

Don m

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Hi Frank,

Good to hear things seem to be improving. We seem to have some similar problems, although I have not yet agreed to WBR. I also have a large tumor in my lung that has never been radiated. Interestingly, I have no pain, no compromise to breathing - yet the tumor started at around 8x9 CM. Not even sure what it is now - but it's still big.

I have put off for now the discussion of WBR - but may have to rething with my next MRI. The drs are also looking at what trials or options there may be for chemo for barian mets.

Keep us informed. I'm also interested in effects of the WBR. And did the treatment cause you to be really tired? I heard that fatigue can last for 6 months.

Best wishes.


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