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Question about PET scan


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Having my very first on Thursday. Seems the hospital has a brand new machine and the onc wants to look at my little nodules that come and go.

anywho, the center told me about the restricted diet the day before. Very little carbs and very little sugar.

The minute I am told I cannot eat, all hell breaks loose. I need some ideas for food on Wednesday that will make me feel like I am eating.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Gail,

Protein--I'd suggest chicken or turkey or fish.

Vegetables with low glycemic index content--beans, romaine lettuce, spinach, peppers, maybe a sweet potato.

Low fat dairy.

Whole grains in the form of cereals and breads, such as oatmeal and whole wheat bread or brown rice.

Low glycemic index fruits, such as apples, berries, pears.

I'd stay away from sugars and also pretzels and other such foods that metabolize into sugar just as fast as sugars.

Oh, and don't do what I did and chew gum on the way to the scan....it ended up not making a difference, but they had to account for the increased activity in my mouth from the sugar from the gum.

Good luck,


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Tony is the pro from Dover when it comes to the PET scans. Modified diet the day before and fasting day of, really sucks for him too. We always plan a dinner out at a restaurant with our friends the night before and he orders a big chopped sirloin steak to help tide him over. Lots of eggs too during the day. Going out takes some of the "I don't get to eat what I want" stress off of him. He also will sometimes eat a plain salad with his meal.

Oh, and Cindy is right. Tony used his "swish and swallow" medicine the morning of, for his thrush. (He swished, but didn't swallow. :lol: ) His pet came back looking like he had advanced cancer in the jawline. Resembled Abe Lincoln's beard. Raised a lot of eyebrows until we figured out what he had done.

Good luck and keep us posted. We love PET scans, not the preparation, but how clearly it tells what the cancer is up to.


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My doc also says no exercise for the 48 hour period prior to the test, not even light exercise like walking or yard work. I also get a Valium to keep down the "brown fat" (whatever that might be). The Valium makes it bearable for me to be in that tube for 25 minutes.

Night before I usually have baked chicken on a bed of lettuce and a salad with lemon juice. Then I cry as I watch my husband and daughter eat real food.

I always schedule the 8:00 am slot so that I don't have to wait too long before being able to eat on test day.

good luck.


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Hi, Gail:

I had a PET SCAN a couple weeks ago and if I recall correctly, they said no sugar,caffeine or tobacco the day of the scan because it messes it (the scan) up.

I was told to eat regular the day before, except lay off sugar and caffeine, and no food or drink after midnight until after the test is completed.

Good luck on your scan!


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