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Pulmonary Rehabilitation


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I just started a 6 to 7 week Pulmonary Rehabilitation program and was wondering if anyone else had an experience with something like this and if it was help to them. I will go 3 days a week for 3 hours a day and the class includes education as well as exercise in a controlled setting. They keep track of our oxygen levels and blood pressure. There are 5 of us in the class and three therapists that are with us at all times. Just wondering if anyone else has used this to help deal with their shortness of breath or other lung funtions in general. So far it has made me have a few sore muscles. LOL They also issued each of us a Ventalitory Muscle Trainer called a Threshold IMT. This should all be very educational for me.

P.S. I have a Pet scan Monday and get the results Wednesday so if any of you have some spare prayers send them up for me. Thanks.

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Joel, did not have any kind of rehab. His surgeon, however mentioned he should have it this time (his 2nd operation) but he wants to wait for his chemo to be over. Then he will make an appointment with his Pulmologist to see what his lung capacity is. He does get SOB which is to be expected as he lost a lobe and also had a wedge section.

I feel it is good for anybody who has SOB to go through rehab. Anything that could help is benificial.

Sending prayers for your upcoming Pet scan.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Judy,

I went through pulm. rehab. about 3 years post dx.

In hindsight, sure wish I would've been offered sooner. I am convinced I would've been spared much lung function and disability.

It was through this board that I learned about PR. Then it was only through asking about PR and finally insisting on PR that I got a referral.

It took several attempts to be able to start the program. I was so ill with lung problems. SOB bad. I just couldn't even get to the hospital.

But, I finally did get a run at it and all of the classes I made were well worth the effort. I learned valuable information at each one. None were a waste of time. If I had gone sooner after my diagnosis and treatment, I may have saved lung functions and thwarted so much current disability.

I continue to put the learnings from PR to use.

Glad you brought up the topic. I hope for you that you are as pleased with your program as I was with mine.

Good luck!

Cindi o'h

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I have never tried it. Maybe I should. I have just one lung now. I do exercise every day though and get aerobic. My pulmonologist says that the best way to get lung function back is to exercise. I have never asked him about pr. I get sob if I try to walk fast up a slight hill after 300 feet or so.

Don M

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