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I haven't had a cough up to this point, or really any respiratory symptoms, but this week I've developed a bit of a cough that sounds "junky." It's really not too bad. If I laugh you can also hear it. The cough doesn't wake me up, and I probably only cough less than 5 times a day. It doesn't produce phlegm. I also have sneezing, a red throat and intermittent stuffy/runny nose. Does anyone have any opinion on if it's LC related or maybe hopefully just a cold or sinuses? If you do think it's LC related, does that mean the cancer is progressing? I have an appt. Tues, just stressing out currently.



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Hi Raney ... those symptoms sounds to me like my twice a year cold I used to get. Every spring and fall it would come around like clock work. Thankfully I have not had it yet this year. So as they say ... if in doubt contact the oncologist but try no to borrow trouble. I realize that every little pain or twinge I feel when I am this close to getting a scan makes my mind zoom off to places it just should NOT go. Let us know what you find out or how you are feeling. Take care.

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Hi there-

Sounds like the typical cold that is going around. I have had this same cold you are describing for about 2 weeks now. I'm a caregiver, so I can tell you that what you describe sounds just like the cold that I have. The doctor said that if the cough didn't go away by this week I need to get antibiotics.

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Tarceva caused a lot of sinus drainage and drippy nose things for my husband. He coughed much more while on it because of post-nasal drip. It was not a productive cough either. Maybe this is what is happening to you. He thought he had a head cold at first. The Doctor prescribed Respa AR pills to help dry him up. Now he is off Tarceva and all the coughing and dripping have gone away.

Just a thought. Glad you are seeing the Doc tomorrow.


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