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Weird Back Muscular Pain


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Has anyone else had an episode where the muscles in your back at the bottom of your rib cage feel cramped and painful with each breath? I can still take deep breaths, but it causes pain. It lasts about 1 hour then goes completely away. It's only happened 4 times over the last two months. My doctor didn't seem to know what might be going on at my last appt, and it's happened two more times since then.



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According to your profile, you should be getting your CT any day. Hopefully that will show if there is any new problems. I hope it will give you peace of mind and everything is alright. But you posted about a cough and now back pain.

You really need this CT as a chest Xray does not always show if there is a problem.

I don't want to scare you but you must have this CT done ASAP. It it shows any growth you must get it nip in the butt now. If not then like I said you will have peace of mind and know that you are alright.

I am just concerned about you. Please talk to your doctor and set up an appointment.


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Thanks Maryanne. I should have said that I have a chest x-ray and abdominal CT scheduled on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll be getting peace of mind. I actually had my first rib muscle pain episode the week before diagnosis, so prior to almost all my scans, including the PET, so hopefully that's good and not a new thing going on.

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It sounds like you are already being treated in the metastatic skeletal areas with radiation and Zometa.

There are 2 main types of bone metastases, 'lytic' and 'blastic' My wife's chest CT scan said that "bone windows demostrate multiple blastic lesions in the spine in the lower thoracic spine"

Blastic lesions show thickening chaotic poorly structured new bone because the cancer turns on the new bone cells.

Ask your oncologist if the pain could be coming from the blastic bones and is referred pain. I would like to know too.


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I am glad you have scans scheduled to get to the bottom of this,but I have had for years interior chest wall muscle spasms. It hurts like the devil...thus the common name..devil's grip. I am praying this is what is going on. It hurts like crazy but muscle relaxers and something for temporary pain is all that is called for. Let us know. Hoping all is well.


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I had intermittent pain in the ribs. Sometimes severe, other times mild and often none. Finally, they were able to diagnose that it was caused by spine mets. I know it did not show up on the first spine MRI and they had to do a finer cut. I had 10 days of radiation and no bain since.

Good luck.


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