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Bad News-Brain Mets


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Oh Lilly...I am heartbroken at your news. This must be incredibly frightening. You have been so strong with the treatment you have had to endure. I know you will continue to be strong as you and your doctors come up with your new treatment plan. Others have done very well with brain mets and I pray you do as well. Even when we think we have had enough there is more strength within to deal with what we are faced with. Give your children a few extra hugs and kisses and I am sure you will find strength. I am praying for your continued health.



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Met with the neurosurgeon and the radiation oncologist that runs the Gamma Knife at Yale. The two lesions in my brain are very small and deep which is common with metastatic cancer of the brain. The larger is smaller than 1 cm. Therefore traditional surgery is not an option because they would not be very visible. We discussed WBR as an alternative and for preventative care but the neurosurgeon discussed cognitive issues with WBR and with someone so young they think to hold off unless they have not other alternative to controlling the recurrence. 9 out of 10 patients do not have any recurrence in the first year. 8 out of 10 do not have any recurrence in the second year. The stats are pretty good so now I'm hoping I'm on the good side of the stats as opposed to the bad side.

I also got an opinion from Duke regarding whether I am risking anything by not looking into cyberknife vs Gammaknife. The opinion from Duke is the difference is minimal. So I'm confident that I can move forward. Duke's opinion was that I need to make sure I have a whole plan...(I believe they meant what will be done with the adrenal, plus chemo etc,) I'm still trying to get a handle on the entire plan and need to speak to my oncologist tomorrow. I'm feeling so much better after talking to them today. Anyhow, the gammaknife procedure is happening this Thursday at 3:00 PM. I will go home afterwards and can go to work the next day but the doctor recommended I stay home as my head may hurt a little from the weight of having the frame attached.

Also my wig came in and I just got it fitted and it looks wonderfully natural. It was a new style from the Raquel Welch collection ($310.00) and is well worth it. Feels very light weight and very natural looking. I feel almost normal again. The hats were making me too hot in the office at work.

Anyhow, thanks for listening to me and being here through all of this.

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Sounds like a good plan is coming together, so glad to hear it. You hang in there, you're going to come through this with flying colors.

Glad to hear you like your wig, every little (or big) thing that makes us feel better is a good thing.


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So sorry about the mets, what a scary time. I am glad to have caught your latest post about a game plan. It's amazing how comforting a game plan in place can be.

You will be in our thoughts tomorrow.

Keep us posted and glad you'll be feeling stylish in that new 'doo! :D


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