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Mom had some scans a few days ago that showed "inflammation" near the back of here brain. She is having terrible pain and weakness in legs as well as some memory problems. I got all this information from my Aunt who is staying with her b/c my Mom wont really tell me anything. About an hour ago they called the ambulance to take her to the ER for pain in her legs. I'm not sure whats going on b/c i am so far away. I am in the middle of grad. school finals right now so i am not sure if i should drop everything and fly home. Also, i think my Mom is playing things down a little so i wont miss school. I am starting to freak out and i am not sure what to do. I feel terrible for being so far away and i would really like to be there and help her...

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I have no experience with these symptoms but hopefully someone else will reply.

If it were my mother, I too would want to drop everything and go home. But that might not be the best thing to do. And probably is not what your mother wants for you. Can you call you aunt later and see what is happening before you drop everything? Hopefully, she'll have better news for you.

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I can only imagine how terrible you must be feeling. Let your mom get settled in the hospital, you can call the hospital and talk w/her nurse and see how she is doing. Her drs. will get down to it.

I'm only guessing and from what my husband has gone thru, that if there is swelling in her brain, she will be given steroids for that. She can be treated for this.

If you have to go home asap, talk to your profs. they'll understand. I know your mom will be alright.


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rmm, I pray for your mom and family that all will be well. My mother has similar symptoms to your's. I have a big trial this week, and just want to be with my mom. It is hard to concentrate but I'm doing my best and talking to my mom on the phone daily. Life does need to go on, plus work/school helps to keep your mind occupied.

I would say try hard to focus on finals. If it's just too hard, I have no doubt your profs will understand and will allow you to take your finals when you are ready. God bless,


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