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Tough Week For Me.....


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I know there are many of us that lost our loved ones at this time of the year. The pain and empty feeling seems to be amplified at this time of the year, when most people are so happy and enjoying the holidays. I can hardly believe that December 15th will mark four years since my Dennis left this world. It is still almost unimaginable that I will never see his face again while on this earth. He was my true soulmate and my heart will always yearn for him.

Please say a prayer for me this week, as this time of year is always very hard for me.

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I will do better than saying a prayer......I will say MANY prayers for you. I struggle too, over my mother and dad. That pales in comparison to your grief......as it has been 21 and 22 years that my parents have been gone. Hopefully that expanding family of yours can, in some way, help fill the void.



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I hear you, Ann. I have no Christmas spirit this year. It feels even worse than the last two years since she passed. I hope it gets better as Christmas gets closer. I used to love Christmas. Christmas was always spent with my Mom & Dad and is just not the same without them here. It just reminds me of what I am missing. We always had a fun time at the holidays. It seems like I am just going through the motions.


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I am saying a very special prayer for you, Ann.

It really is difficult to get into that holiday spirit when our loved ones are no longer with us. But, please remember how very special you are to all of us here.

May God watch over you and bring you a very special Christmas with all your loved ones close by.

Warm Hugs,


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I understand and feel the same. Don wrote exactly what I feel let the holidays past already. Ed is buried in Seattle, I am going to fly out Christmas Day and visit him. In New Mexico on Christmas Eve family members will go to the cemetary and place lumunarias(brown bags filled with sand and a votive candle and the candle is lit). It is such a beautiful sight everyone bundled up and placing their lumunarias on their loved ones grave. With the lighted lumunarias and the love,sadness,laughter and children running around. So on Christmas Day Ed will have his lumunarias.

In my mind and in my heart I will light some lumunaris for your Dennis.

Feliz Navidad


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