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no huggie, no kissie,

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We struggle with this too, My MIL decided whats the difference, she could go with out seeing or hugging her grandaughter then catch a bug of some door handle while not being with her grandaughter (who has the sniffles.) She felt time is too precious, one never knows....................

Its a hard thing, her decision I guess.

Beat it!!

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adding to the mask situation, to make it fun to wear you could do decorating with like Lipstick and colorful Things maybe. Make it fun for kids wearing them if they wanted too.

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aww...I can relate. My two-year-old has been under the weather the last two days, and I think I caught a bit of it from her. That means that I haven't been over to visit my dad for two days...which stinks. So far he is feeling pretty good one week after chemo, and I don't want to take the risk of getting him sick...so I have just been calling frequently and keeping my distance until I feel better.

It's tough, though...I want to be there...just not worth the risk.

The masks are a good idea. I might pick some up tomorrow.

Hope you're all better soon!


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