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More Hope for the Masses


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I wanted to share with you about my cousin, Bob. Bob was dx in July with Lymphoma. He had cancer in his bone marrow, blood, bone mets to about 8 different places, brain, mass in lung, etc...bottom of Stage IV No hope. Went through chemo and just had his followup tests. CAT and PET came back negative last week and bone marrow came back negative this afternoon. Complete remission!! Celebration!!!

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Liz -- that's great news about your cousin! Gives us all cause to celebrate.

And best wishes to yourself on your new chemo combo. I never had Taxotere, but have read that its side-effects are somewhat rougher than Taxol for many. Add radiation to that and it's no wonder you were having a tough time. I hope you have an easier time with the Carboplatin/Taxol program. Will that include Avastin as well?



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Thanks evryone. Ned, I forgot to update again. They changed me back to my origional chemo because my tumer markers cut in half. The Doc has mentioned Avastin ?? for after radiation is done. No studies on its affects taken with radiation. 2 more days!! I'm so excited!!

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