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scared...MRI ordered


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Hi everyone....here I go again...

Been having lots of problem with my sciatica and lower spine...Went to the doc's today and he suspects

"osteoarthritis" but wants to make sure and has ordered a lumbar exray and a MRI...So of course I go goofy and get scared...I want to think "it is what it is"...but can't seem to get there yet...

A crazy question...does "met's" hurt?...Like when he pushed on one part of my spine...it really hurt..

So on the 18th ..I will go for the exray's and be nuts till then...

grrrrrr....this makes me sooo angry...why can't I be just normal or a "new normal" at least...

Any input on sciatica and spine pain will be greatly apprecialted..

Prayers continue for all of us...and always will be....Take care and God Bless...hugs..PamS..

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I believe that mets can hurt quite a bit. Someone will be around to answer that personally, I'm sure. Tony has two bone mets now and we didn't even know it because his are in places that didn't cause pain, I guess.

Sorry you have to go through the whole "test and wait syndrome". Aaaarrrrggghhhhh -- I really hate those times! :?

Good luck and keep us posted. You are in our thoughts.


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Our oncologist told us that bone mets may or may not be painful. Many people diagnosed with them are completely unaware of any discomfort.

I CAN tell you that with other lower spinal/sciatic issues, you certainly will feel pain or tenderness when certain areas are pressed upon. I have had issues like that for many years with my lower back.

You may very well just have ordinary spinal/nerve issues.

Hoping for the best for you.

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