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I had my doctor's appointment this afternoon, and was told that the mediastinoscopy tissue/cells that were biopsied were negative in the samples tested; however, the surgeon said he was unable to get into one area wedged between my upper right lob and something else I couldn't understand. I have to go back to the hospital 5:30 AM Thursday morning for another bronoscopy, which the surgeon is going to do, and he said he could not promise he could get to it but he was going to give it his all. I was so nervous I didn't understand everything that was said. My upper GI and pelvic cat scan was negative for liver mets or low back mets. I don't know what to do or where to go if this other broncoscope doesn't find the are of concern. In the meanwhile, I have pending arrangements for an appointment with MD ANDERSON (sent them all test results, etc. )but hope and pray that I won't need to go there......hopefully not wishful thinking.

I don't know how much more I can take of all this. My blood pressure is normally 135-145, but it soared to 212 during all this worry, and the nurse had to give me something to bring it down; she said the doctor said it was stroke territory, so guess it's a good thing my heart is strong enough.

As you all know, I really get keyed up pretty bad over all this.


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I hope the bronchoscopy gives you definite information Barb. As I reall a bronchscopy, like a mediastinascopy, is very reliable if cancer is found but is not very relialbe if no cancer is found. I would go to MD Anderson, regardless of how the tests come out if I were you.

Don M

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Hey sweetie, there are many, many good little pills out there to fight those bad boy demons!

Ativan is my drug of choice when my soul goes into overdrive.

Prior to my surgery I was on an antidepressent, AND an anti-anxiety, AND ativan for the breakthroughs.

Don't be brave.


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Oh Barb, I am so sorry this is happening to you. A bronchoscopy is crap any time of the day, but at 5:30am is going to be tough to take. :(

My prayers are with you tomorrow morning. Please take comfort in knowing we will be thinking about you and hoping for good results. You are not alone.


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