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I was supposed to go to the hospital at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning for another bronscope done by my surgeon, but he called me this afternoon and said he would not be doing the procedure at all because he just got a call from the pathologist regarding the stains that were done, and that I have OAT cancer. He was calling me from the hospital and did not give me much information except to say it was OAT and that it usually was receptive to chemo. He told me to get my the oncologist, and I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with the onc.

I cold not find much information on oat cancer, except it appears to be a small cell cancer according to a friend I wrote to for information.

I would sure appreciate any information you can give me.

One thing that APPEARS to be the case is that this is a new cancer, not a recurrent one.


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The information I was given while in the hospital was the small cell is also referred to as "oat cell". It has to do with the shape of the cancer cells.

Yep, very receptive/responsive to chemo.

Now that you know what you're fighting, here's to the war!

Good luck,


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