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Haven't posted in quite some time, but I come here and read EVERY day, I just feel that I can be of no help to anyone at this point. But...I really need some input from all of you ol' timers :)

You can read my story below, but there's more. Nearly a year after my initial dx I started coughing up some blood so the doctor sent me for another bronchoscopy to "take a peak" and biopsy anything that looks weird. Well, they took a biopsy of a tumor that "looked exactly like it did a year ago" as the doc put it. He said that if he didn't know any better, he would swear I didn't have any treatment. After all the scans, they determined that it was still limited stage...which he has never seen before. A year later and still localized to the upper right bronchi. My doctor sends me to a surgeon up in Portland and he turns out to be the smartest guy I have ever met, and real nice too :) He wants to take my case to his board of specialists and see what everyone comes up with as far as the best treatment. He requests that my original slides from the biopsy be sent up to his office so that his pathologist, who studies only chest cancers, could see them. He called a week later and said that there is a chance that it's not small cell, but rather a carcinoid tumor (he said they are in the same "tribe" but different "families." I am going in tomorrow for another biopsy that will be shipped up to this specialist in Portland for diagnosis. It could go either way at this point.

Wow...what a roller coaster ride! Anyone ever heard of this before? I know I certainly have not, and I'm so confused.

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