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Getting to Know You - December 14 - Christmas Style


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Definitely no tinsel for me. I have always had cats and it seems like tinsel attracts cats like nothing else in the world....except catnip. I actually tried using tinsel a few years ago after Dennis saw a tree done with some really fancy tinsel he liked. I tried to duplicate that tree. In the middle of the night, I heard one of the kitties coughing and jumped out of bed to find a little bit of tinsel hanging from his mouth. Well, when I started pulling on that tinsel, you would have thought there were yards of the stuff inside that little cat. It just kept coming. Reminded me of a magician pulling a scarf out of his sleeve...lol! So, no more tinsel for me.

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okay.. I'll be the odd one. :shock:

Yes, tinsel for me. I guess part of the reason i love it is the old memories it brings. Remembering how my mom would put it on strand by strand and we as kids would just kind of toss handfuls all over. Now my kids and I do the same thing and they think it's so funny to toss clumps of it on the high branches while I try to put it on real evenly.. Then how the strands get all full of static and stick to your clothes when you walk by. I guess it just reminds me of when I was younger.

Mess... are you kidding? By the time i get the tree down I've got tinsel, needles and everything else all over my house. I guess that's part of the fun for me!

Oh yes.. I do have cats. Funny, they haven't tried to eat it, at least not that I've noticed. All they do is break my ornaments.. :(

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