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Describe your Tree/ Dec. 15th


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What kind of tree do you have. Real or artificial...describe it.

We do not have a real tree, Last year I bought the tree that has its own white lights and 3 sections to put it together. I bought it at 75% off last year. :D I love it, it took like 10 minutes to set it up. I have all Victorian ornaments on it that I collected through the years. With a victorian bow that the streamers go from the top intertwined through the branches to the bottom I am so proud of it.

It used to take me so long to put the branches in and put the lights on. This was a wonderful invention.

All my old ornaments (when the kids were little) I have put away for them when they ever have a family. OOPS.... they have to get married first.. :roll:

Maryanne :wink:

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After the holidays are over I think we should all try to post a pic of our tree..

I would love to see them all... they are all so beautiful in their own way..

What do ya think?? Katie, you may have to help some of us non-techie's with the postings.

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I have an artificial tree...7.5' tall. The last year I had a real tree was 2003. Dennis and I loved going to buy our Christmas tree. We always made an evening out of it. I don't think I'll ever buy another live tree again....too many memories. Now...back to my tree. I have white lights on the tree (prelit) and the entire tree is covered with nothing but gingerbread men, women and anything to do with gingerbread. It's very whimsical and everyone seems to fall in love with it. I also have the rest of the house decorated with the gingerbread theme. I have some pics I will post for you, as I can't think of better friends I would love to have sitting around my tree!!!

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Always, always had a real tree or sometimes trees. Had one last real tree the first Christmas after Earl died (in his memory).

Last Christmas in a moment of sheer insanity I bought 2 artificial trees, one 8' tall and the other 3' tall. While the 8' was the right height for the living room it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too bushy for a living room in a town house. Tried to give it away this year no takers. So I brought it up from the basement (thank God no one was filming) and put it on my new screened in porch. Just lights, snowflakes and red balls - I am enjoying the heck out of it.

Little tree is in the l.r. in a place where I can see it from lr, dr and family room.

I am a santa compulsive person. So 3 guesses what is on my tree, my tables, my mantle, the back of my toilets, my kitchen counter, my bookshelves.

I love Christmas, the stress, the rushing, the smells, the comraderie, the parties, the presents but mostly the love of family and friends.

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We used to have real trees until about 3 years ago we bought an artificial. It just became too hard for John to go and cut one, haul it out etc. We liked to take the kids and walk around and pick a great tree. I always tried to find one that still had the pine cones on it. So now we have this artificial one.

I love ornaments. I have lots of antique ornaments, things the kids made, picture ornaments of them throughout the years, and it all works. I've got some red berries stuck in for color. There are some bubble lights and also lights that are replicas of old fishing lures. Someone gave them to me because they knew I collected fishing lures. Anyway-- sounds weird I know but it all comes together and looks great.

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7ft fake tree - gave up on the cutting of a real one when we moved to TX - colored lights and lots of sentimental ornaments.

It looks great in the coner of the family room, very eclectic mixture of decorations on it.

There's a 2ft tree on the bar with colored lights and tiny ornaments and a small ceramic tree by the front door with more colored lights.........not that I have a thing about colored lights or anything!

After the holidays I think we need to invest in a pre-lit tree IF I can find a nice one with COLORED lights!!!


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Artificial tree.....Ryan decorated it..He did a great job except for the low limbs that have like 5 ornaments on each. I decided to leave it, I think it makes it more personable.

Balls, balls....Balls everywhere

White balls, Red Balls, Blue balls, Gold balls

Balls up high, balls down low

Balls that twinkle, balls that glow

Big balls, little balls and medium too

So many balls what shall we do

Too much Dr. Suess.....hehe

Merry Christmas

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