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It's official!! I'm a CNA/CHHA! :)


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I passed my state test today!!

I made a 98%!!! The lady was impressed with my scores, she said they have never had anyone make a 100 but I was close! :)

Now both tests are behind me and I can get a job! :)

I'm actually considering hospice, and definitely leaning towards something in home health are for sure.

Thanks for all your encouragement!!

Love you all,


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Thanks everyone!

I'll be actively looking for a job after Christmas. I didn't want to have to leave my kids during Christmas break, or the possibility of working on Christmas didn't sound good either! I've been checking out all the jobs though, just gotta pray I find the best place for me!

God bless,



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Congratulations, Christy!!!

So proud of you! You will be a tremendous asset no matter where you work. Have you considered doing some temp. assignments to get your feet wet? You can be put into so many various settings without making a commitment. From there you may better be able to assess what feels good to you.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Cindi o'h

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wow! (thanks for moving me, Katie!)

Have I told ya'll lately how much I love you??!! :)

What a blessing you all are to me!! Out of something so terrible, I get a whole new wonderful encouraging family! :) God is good!

Thank you all!

Yes, Cindi, I should try that. All I know is, I want to take care of people.

This is kinda OT, but hey, it's my thread. :wink:

Day before yesterday I had to help my grandma with her colostomy. She's not doing good these days. :(

It hurts my heart to see her like this. Her and grandpa still live in their little house together, with my dad and his siblings cking on them more than once a day. She also has home health come out too. But she's not talking so much anymore. And she doesn't want to eat hardly anything.

Anyway, she's also not remembering to care for the colostomy like she used to. So, I put it on for her. She said, 'well, I guess you're gonna have to do this pretty soon anyway, might as well get some training.' Poor thing...

I've been so blessed to have all four of my grandparents THIS long! Just the thought of loosing one is heart breaking...

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