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Introducing myself!!


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My name is Heather. I have been surfing various websites for the last two monthes and for some reason did not locate this one until a few days ago. Thank God! My husband Gerald has been diagnosed with nscl cancer - squamous cell carcinoma. It was discovered to be on October 2nd and by October 6th he had the biopsy results and oncologist examination. Gerald is 42, we have two children - 16 and 12. He has not been staged per say by the doctors but from what I can read into it he is either stage 3b or stage 4. He has numerous lesions on one lung. A 14 cm mass on his chest that blocks total catscan view of the other as well as mets to the kidney, liver and lymph. He has a suspicious lesion on frontal lobe of brain also. He was put on chemo the week following diagnosis - so I must say it has all been quick - but so is the spread of the cancer. I wanted to make myself known to you all as I have been checking the messages for the last few days and find this group of people and this website just what I have been looking for. Stories and ideas instead of doom and gloom are a plus. Next week we have an appointment at Sunnybrook to see a radiologist. We had considered traveling to the states however Gerald also has thrombosis to his superior vena cava and his juglar as there was another mass from the nodes pushing on that..and mass wrapped around his pulminary artery..(could it get any better!!!!),so long drives or flying would have been a risk. He is positive and has great support from family and friends - all of his siblings are out of province,,,Newfoundland - PEI and Alberta - and they are all going to be up over the next few monthes to spend time with him which is awesome. So that is the jest of our story and I wanted you to know who I was if you started to see posts from me.


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Hi Heather and welcome to the family! Sorry you have a need to be here but really glad you've found us.

You will find lots of support here as well as a wealth of information.

Please keep us updated on your husband's treatment and please let us know how we may be of help.

It is awesome that you and your husband have a solid support system and just add *us* to that group!

Prayers for you both and Heather, please take care of YOU too...this disease affects everyone.

Love, Libby

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Hi, Heather -- I'm really glad you found us!

What chemo combination and schedule is your husband on? A good way to share this sort of information is with a chronological profile of treatments, side effects, test results, etc. like you see at the bottom of most of our messages. Click the "My Profile" link at the top of the screen, scroll down to the "Signature" block, enter your data and periodic updates, make sure that "Always attach my signature" is marked "Yes," add a photo in the "Avatar" section if you like, then "Submit." All of your messages that have a profile attached will automatically update. It also relieves you of the need to give background information every time you post -- just plunge into the subject at hand.

It's great that you both have a positive attitude and good family support. That's a BIG plus in this battle!

Best wishes and Aloha,


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Welcome Heather,

It sounds like there is some more test to determine the stage. What type of chemo is your husband getting? Do you know what the 14cm mass is it tumor or fluid? There are some good newer drugs like Avastin and Tarceva that have had some great results with cancer that has spread. We will give you lots of support here. Keep us posted

Stay positive, :lol:


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Hi Heather,

I am sorry for your husbands diagnosis. I know how scared you are. But I am glad that he has a good attitude, that is so important.

Once he starts treatment he you both will feel so much better. This is so new to you right now and I know your head is spinning. Please know the LC no matter what stage is not necessarily a death sentence. So many people on here have been staged at III or IV and are doing fine years later.

We are always here for you for questions, as we are a very knowledgeable group, or for support and prayers.

Keep us posted on his progress.

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi, Heather:

Welcome to this family of lung cancer survivors and their loved ones and caretakers. Just as any family does, we support one another in any way possible, give our best advice in hopes of shedding some light on worries, and we cry, laugh, cheer, and support each and every member. We make no judgments, so you can vent, weep, or seek help whenever you need.

I am deeply sorry that your young husband has been diagnosed with this savage beast cancer, and I know how worried you must be. But check several members' profiles and posts, and you will see that WE NEVER GIVE UP. Yes, we worry, we cry, we vent, we share, but we never give up the fight to put the monster back in its cage where it belongs.

Lung cancer is vicious and the plan of attack must be aggressive. One of the important aspects of surviving lung cancer, as any other type cancer, is to be positive, as the mind has a great deal of control over our bodies, and a positive approach is helpful.

It sounds like your husband has a big fight on his hands, but with his attitude and treatments, it is my sincere hope that he will start to feel better once some of the cancer has shrunk from the treatments.

We are all here for you. I, of all people, am ashamed to say that I have some real weepy days myself, and I am not as strong emotionally at times as I would like to be, but nevertheless, I know what a positive attitude can do, and I am trying hard to overcome my own demons.

Love and prayers to you, your husband, and entire family.


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