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Thanks and an update on my mom

Andrea S.

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Hello, I wanted to thank you all for the warm welcome! It was so nice to come here and see all the support, although I'm sorry we had to meet under such grim circumstances.

I am happy to say that the chemo continues to work for my mom. The dr. said he can no longer see any of the tumor left in her mediastinum (sp?), which is great as this area had the most extensive area of cancer. The tumor in her lung also continues to shrink. The only worrisome thing is the nodes under her armpit were enlarged. The dr. was not at all concerned, stating it wasn't necessarily the cancer, but could be anything - the nodes fighting off an infection, etc. It still worries me though.

She will continue taking the study drug with the Taxol and Carboplatin, although at a decreased dose due to her white cell count. The dr. and study coordinator continue to be amazed at her progress, so that is good. They said most patients have to switch drugs after 2 cycles and she is now starting her 7th cycle. In fact, they said she has the best response to this study that has ever been seen, so that is good.

For some reason, I don't feel so good about this though. Maybe the reality of this is finally sinking in. I've never considered the possibility that the cancer could "outsmart" the chemo at any time and that she could rapidly go downhill. Well, I guess I just need to keep saying prayers and keep up my hope. Thanks again for all the support.

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VERY positive-sounding news! It's wonderful that your mom is holding up so well with the regimen. Take this good report and run with it! None of us knows what tomorrow will bring :? , but I'll be hoping and praying for continued excellent progress. (Take care of yourself, too)

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