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Well, Dad had his surgery yesterday and the surgeon feels fairly confident it's colon cancer. We won't get biopsy results for a couple of weeks so we won't know what we're dealing with until then. It's only been 3 and a half months since we lost Mom to lung cancer and now we're dealing with this again. In a way it just seems unbelievable.

On the positive side, the surgeon also seems pretty sure it hasn't spread outside the colon and he got it all. He didn't mention anything about lymph nodes though so I guess we'll have to wait for biopsy results.

Dad is in pretty tough shape. He's in pain, gassy and I think a little overwhelmed. I live 4 hours away and am home for the next week. I'll go back to see him at Christmas and hopefully stay for 3 weeks or more. He'll likely get out just before Christmas and need lots of help when he gets home.

I'm dreading talking to my boss about this. I work at the post office and felt like I was pushing my luck to get two days off for the surgery. But I keep telling myself I can always get another job but I can't get another Dad!

Please pray for us. I talked to my Brother tonight and he seems really down.


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Just so sorry about your Dad's diagnosis coming so fast on the heels of your Mother's passing. Life just sucks eggs sometimes.

I was glad to hear they think they have gotten all of it though.

Good luck as you embark on another journey. What a weird, twisted world it can be sometimes. You will be in my thoughts.


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I meant to add a little bit to the first post. About 5 years ago Mom had surgery in the same hospital that Dad is in. She had an ovarian cyst removed. As we waited in the hospital during the surgery, the fire alarms started ringing. There were even fire fighters in the lobby. It scared the heck out of us. Anyway, the point of this story is that as we waited for Dad to go into surgery, the fire alarms rang again. Also, when we went down to the room just outside the operating room with Dad, the doc that did Mom's surgery was there.

I'm getting goose bumps writing this because I really, truely believe that Mom was there with us.


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