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to the one who asked if i had been tested fro ms. yes i have been. here is what i have been through so far. c.t. scan of the lower lungs and abdomen. c.t. scan of neck and head, c.t. scan on july 16th of just the lungs. m.r.i. of the brain. total body bone scan 3 weeks ago. echocardiogram, emg (muscle and nerve test) pulmonary function test about 2 months ago. complete metabolic blood work, cbc, muscle enzyme tests. endoscopy that revieled acid reflux, hiatel hernia, duodenal ulcer without perforation or bleeding, chronic gastritus. colonoscopy showed spastic colon. all these tests have showed negative. i have suggested a pet scan to 3 different doctors who say there is no point because the c.t. scan showed nothing. one doctor thinks that it could be a hormonal imbalance and has scheduled me to see an endocrinologist october 20th. my back aches all the time in my shoulder blades and lower back. chest just doesnt feel right. i dont have a cough and i havent lost any major wieght. my right lung feels like it is blown up and there is pressure. aching all the time. doctor has said possibly inflamation in the chest wall. but blood work says no inflamation in my body. calcium in blood work is normal. sed rate for inflamation is normal. i cant even get a doctor to refer me to someone else who might be able to help. i even went and seen a naturopathic doctor who cut my hair and sent it off to be analyzed and it came back that my sodium and potassium levels were through the roof and that i had cadmium poisoning. cadmium from smoking. i quit smoking about a month ago. it seemed like every time i (lit up) that i would start sweating and have hot flashes real bad. and my chest felt like it would swell up even more. well i guess thats all i have to add from my previous post. when i do cough it feels like my chest is just full and i havent coughed anything up. but this pressure is just unbearable. i woke up this morning sweating and feeling a burning sensation all through my body like i was running a real high fever. fever was fine. i just feel like i am dieing slowly. and no one can find out what is going on. i posted here because you all have been through it and i am searching for answers. have been for some time now. i even dished out $450 dollars last night to a doctor out in california for a package he will send me with all kinds of herbs and pills and cocktails he swears will get me better. well, if anyone has any further suggestions i would appreciate it. i know i have not been diagnosed with lung cancer yet and i didnt want to take up anyones time that has been or someone who needs more support than me. but i am just going nuts with all this and feel very hopeless right now. keep me in your thoughts and prayers. i know i am praying for a cure for whatever is going on with me. thanks to all who replied in the previous post and i wish you all well and hope and pray that you all beat this devastating disease. my thoughts and prayers are with you all. thanks, jason

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