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Just read Dave G's post about no change on his scan and thought I would post my status which is the same. I got the resuls of my latest CT scan on Tuesday and it was NO CHANGE. I know no change is good but I was so hoping for some more shrinkage. I will gladly accept the no change result but still dream of remission. As long as it doesn't grow and I still feel as well as I do I will go with that. I know that a lot of others are much worse off than I am and I pray for them. I pray for all of us every day that someday they find a cure for this horrible disease so that no one has to suffer any more from it. All we have is hope and we have today, yesterday is gone and who knows about tomorrow. I try to enjoy each and every day as much as possible and not worry about the future but (quoting Katie B) that chronic worry disease sure sneaks up on you. May God bless all of us.

Bess B

Dx SCLC 2/14/03 w mets to Liver

Irinetecan-Taxol - 3/07/03-6/30/03

60% shrinkage of lung & liver mets

8/03/03 Started Cisplatin-VP 16 every 3 weeks

9/15/03 CT scan showed no change

continuing chemo & hoping & Praying for remission

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No change is GOOD NEWS> You have stable disease. I pray that you are stable for however long it takes until remission. THIS IS GOOD NEWS>

Be good to yourself and celebrate EVERYDAY! I'll be your cheerleader!!

GO Bess GO!!!



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