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Dad's scan results tomorrow


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My Dad should receive the results of his body and brain scans from last Wednesday, tomorrow. When he called today (we have an agreement, he is to call me at 5:15 everyday, rarely is he on time, but I appreciate the call whatever time is) I asked if he had heard from the doctor. He said he called them at 1:00 for the results, they said they would get his file and call him back. Well he didn't receive a call back, so automatically he's assuming its bad news.

I tried to reassure him this wasn't necessarily so, we've waited on scans before to get good news and I really think the oncology personnel, after many years in the business, can become somewhat jaded. Good news to them, is just that, they may get too busy to understand what one additional sleepless night means to a patient.

I know so many on this board are seeking prayers, but if you have an additional one for my Dad, we would appreciate it. His appointment is at 9:00 AM, I'll let you guys know as soon as we know. Thanks for being here...

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We saw the nurse practitioner and the scans look good, the only thing noted was his 9 MM "lesion" or scar tissue had possible slight growth to 11 mm. This of course, is also open to radiologist interpretation, so it could be nothing. So now, he gets a chemo break and we are in the watch mode. He'll have another scan in a month to see if there is any activity. Brain scan all clear!

I just love that man! Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!

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That is great newS Sher!!!!!!!!!!

You know we have found that "usually" if we don't hear anything right away then it is good news. They always seem to call right away if there is a problem.

I am glad this worked out for your dad. Have a great holiday.

Maryanne :wink:

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