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symptoms of lung cancer


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Hi There...I didn't go to the 'lung cancer symptom site' and I'm sure they are very valid..but just wanted to add..

I had NO SYMPTOMS of LC... none AT ALL..came across it by a fluke...

Was just having a lot of pins and needle sensation's which led me to one doctor than another and ALL so called specialist and could find nothing wrong..until one day my wonderful GP ordered a chest exray...and the rest is history...

What I am trying to say..is..unfortunatly you don't have to necessarly have to have LC symptoms to have LC..that's what makes it so bad and so many not caught in time..I think a yearly chest exray would be beneficial to everyone....just my opinion...but that's how mine was caught...And my sister asked her Doctor if she should have a chest exray cause me being her sister had LC....he said "no cause you have no symptom's' ..

go figure!!!...didn't I just say 'you don't have to have any smyptom's....grrrrrr...

Have a great day and God Bless..PamS..

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