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"It is what it is"

Don M

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Hi Don, Well 2.56 cm = 1 inch, so 3.4cm is about an inch and a half. So Don, I know these guys are experts but... I still think I'm right and they're wrong. :)

Did s/he say why they thought it was still active? Does the spot usually shrink after treatment? Sounds like they are not 100% sure.

Would a PET be an option?

I've had three bronchoscopies because so much scar tissue...only the first one was positive. No picnic.

Don, I am sorry the follow-up was not more positive.

Looks like you are at the mercy of these Swedes Don.

:) Barb

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I think they are concerned that it has been 6 months since the end of my radiation treatment and it is unusual for a tumor to apparently be bigger and still be bright from dying. My fear is that the biopsy will be inconclusive. I think the only way that a biopsy could be conclusive with a bronchsocopy is if they find cancer. I think it is not reliable for a negative finding. I will run that by the pulmonologist at my appointment. So, I am in a situation where it would almost be desirable to find cancer so I can treat it. Argh.

I will just do the next step and then see.

Don M

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When Henk had his scans 6 month after radiations, the tumor seemed big and bright. His docs were concerned.

However, the 'bright tumor' shrunk over the following months and is almost gone now (12 months after radiation)!

So, I guess it is unusual but not impossible that the tumor is still large and bright from dying.


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Hey Don ,

My friends mother went through something very similar when her lung cancer came back for the second time it was inoperable so they did a light dose of chemotherapy and 57 guided radiation treatments. When she went back for her first scan three months later the tumor was bloated it was loaded up I guess her radition oncologist was surprised but right away suspected that it was a false positive he was right one month later the scan showed the tumor had shrunk 80%. So please hope for the best and after the treatment you went through you should expect good results. Anyhow happy holidays and wishes for a fantastic new year.


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