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Has anyone heard of this treatment plan


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I am in stage 4 the pet scan showed the mass in the lung plus 2 othr places on the same lung plus a lymph node in the neck on the same side. I start chemo Dec.28th and this is the plan..



oxliplabinevery 21 days.

Has anyone done this type? I just pray it will work.

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Some times Chemo drugs can be used in conjunction with other chemo drugs for promising results. A common one is etoposide or VI-16 I think. This drug is also used for testicular cancer. It has shown promise some times in NSCLC also. It is considered a dual usage Chemo. The Oxiplatin is in this class of drugs. This is the link for this particular drug. Click below to be redirected

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/drug ... 00411.html

Every one know Avastin Combo works fairly well. thisis obviously something that onc thinks will ahve good results early on for you. Sending prayers and let me know if I can help with anyhting research wise.

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Oxaliplatin is a platinum-based chemotherapy drug like Carboplatin or Cisplatin.

Platinum and taxene based chemotherapy is standard first line doublet therapy for NSCLC. Recently drugs like Avastin or Tarceva have been added to the mix for first line triplet therapy.

Best of luck to you -- fight like hell!!


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Hi Robin,

I've never heard of the oxiplabinevery before but my Mom responded VERY well with the Avastin/Taxotere combo.

My stepdads cousin is still taking this and he's been stable for quite some time now. There are others here on this site that are doing wonderful too.

I think you have so much to be hopeful for with this new combination and I am praying for your success.

Keep us posted,


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