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"It is what it is...2"


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Well. Doc called with results - Biopsy determined nonsmall cell lung cancer, stage IB about 4.1 cm – recommends surgery and referred me to oncology although based on what I have read and seen here, perhaps a second opinion is now in order. Although I am a bit numb and shocked, I can’t say I am too surprised. Up to the age of 35, I lived a fairly rough lifestyle, drinking, smoking…etc – some days I am surprised I have made it to 47 aside from the cancer.

Like Don say’s – “It is what it is” – hope you don’t mind I swiped that Don? – perhaps we need t-shits with red lettering – any advice or suggestions regard my diagnosis would be much welcomed – thanks to you folks at least I now know this is not a death sentence – which is how I would have taken it had I not found you guys - Thanks

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Hey kevin,

You DO have a GREAT chance to beat this thing back for good at stage 1b. I am ALWAYS one to recommend a 2nd opinion. I'd do that sooner rather than later so you can make your decision and start moving forward. And stop that going on about lifestyle. We don't play that game here. As you (and Don) have said......it is what it is......and that is NOW. Let's just move forward.


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IB certainly has a favorable outlook, so while I'm sorry that you are going through this, I'm glad for that. I know that this is not mainstream, but I personally don't know that I would seek a second opinion at this point. My reasoning is simply this: it is clear in all of the current literature that the best prospect for a true cure is in surgical removal of the tumor and follow up treatment. If your current doctors are willing to do surgery, I would certainly follow that path. If they were telling you no surgery, that it is not operable...I would be getting second, third, and fourth opinions as needed until I found someone willing to get it to an operable state. Hang in there - this is manageable!

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You are very lucky you were diagnoised with IB. If you want a 2nd opinion it would not hurt.

They probably will give you an operation on whatever lobe the tumor is attached to to remove then they will check your lymph nodes to see if they are all clear. That will determine your true staging. You will or should folow up with chemo to make sure it does not come back.

It is all doable and you should be fine.

You have found the best support and knowledgeable family. We are here for you for any questions you may have or if you just need support.

Maryanne :wink:

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Sorry about the diagnosis, but you have caught it early and that is HUGE!

I'll also cast my lot with Mary Colleen. If you are comfortable with the Doctors and what they are saying, DO it and skip the second opinion. I would recommend doing a little on-line research of the surgeon and oncologist you currently have to reassure yourself. Second opinions can always be sought down the line. We wanted to get the show on the road quickly and have never regretted our choice.

Just another perspective.

Good luck and God speed!


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That phrase does not belong to me Kevin, I borrowed it too.

Find a good surgeon and get it out. It might be good idea to go to a comprehensive cancer center for surgery. They probably do more lung surgeries than smaller hospitals. Some people try to go for the VATS procedure first, which is less intrusive. They use a scope to find the tumor and then cut it out. I tried that at first, but my tumor was too big and to close to the hilum to do VATS. A full thoracotomy is major surgery, but the surgeon has the opportunity to examine and feel the entire lung to look for any small densities that could have been missed with scans or biopsies. I have had 2 full thoracotomies, and had no serious problems with recovery or long term problems. If you have a full thoracotomy, be sure you get an epidural It manages the immediate pain in the hospital quite well and studies have shown that there is much less occurrence of long term post op pain if you have an epidural.

Make sure you are nice to the nurses, now.

You have a very good shot at the full cure, especially if you do followup chemo.

Don M

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