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Thankyou to all those on this board


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I want to thank the kind, loving people on this board. I have been reading posts since my mom was first diagnosed back in September. I have not contributed a lot and yet you all are so giving with your kind words. I tell my mother the postive inspiring stories I have read on this board. I want to thank you for being so kind. I hope, I will be able to give useful advice and support to other care givers. Right now, I need to go to my mom and surround her with my love and walk her through this fear. She has walked me through so much fear in my own life, from stuffed noses that scared me as a child, to driving my first car on the highway. My fondest memory of my mom and I is a memory of us on the beach in Milford, Ct. I was five or four or maybe a little younger and she was holding me while we floated and the sun was bright and the water crisp and Charles Island was off in the distance. I felt time would never end. What I wouldn't do just to reach back and plop myself on the sand back in time. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers, you all are in mine. Sarah

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Thank you for that beautiful memory of your mom. I have one special one also.

We are always here for you. I will hold you mom in my prayers. I know how scared you are, just be there for her all you can and make new memories.


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