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A Dean Carl Poem (re-post from march 2004)

Frank Lamb

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Many of us here remember Dean Carl.Many newer members mabe don't.Dean was one of our very supportive and inspirational members here and was blessed with much wisdom.We lost Dean a while back but his wisdom still exists here in the Path Less Traveled Forum.This is a poem he wrote himself back in March2004.


Oh, how we fear that word!

I say to you, "I have cancer"

And I watch you,

refuse to hear.

I say to you, "I have cancer"

And I watch you,

bury me with your eyes.

Yes, I have CANCER.


Please hear the word.

But do not lay me in my grave,

At least,

Not just yet.

Oh, I know this disease

Will someday take my life.

The chances of that are,

Shall we say,

Rather high.

Yes, I know that which will take me,

From this world.

But not today!

But then again,

That's all I've ever had.


And to tell the truth,

(which I've been known to do at times)

That's all any of us ever have.


So today, I think,

I'll get up early,

And watch the sun set fire to the sky.

Today, I think,

I'll tell my wife,

"I love you", at least a hundred times.

Today, I think,

I'll find a way to laugh so hard,

I'll give myself a stomach ache.

Today, I think,

I'll go to the cliffs above the ocean

And ask old man Ocean what he knows that I don't.

Today, I think,

I'll climb down into the abyss,

And spit in the Devil's eye.

Today I'll do so many wonderful things.

And those I don't get done today.

I'll do tomorrow when tomorrow becomes today.

Yes, I have cancer

Yes, I will die from it someday.

But not today.

Not today.

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I agree, Frank. Dean Carl was one incredible human being. I came across this 'Wish List' of his and posted it this time last year. I believe it merits repeating......for all of us who knew him, as well as for all the new folks who could glean so much from his words. This was his post from 3 years ago. As always I am inspired by his words.

May you all (whatever holiday you celebrate.....and even if you celebrate none) find peace and comfort this season.

Love all,


Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 3:07 pm Post subject: My Christmas Wish List

When I was a kid I used to give my folks a Christmas wish list each year. We weren’t rich by any means, but some how some way a lot of what I wished for I got. So, in that spirit, here’s my “wish list” for this Christmas:

My Christmas Wish List.

For the newly diagnosed and those who have recently had a recurrence: May your fears be calmed, your strength renewed and your hopes be realized.

For those in the midst of the battle: May your determination never falter and your days be filled with victory.

For those who have lost loved ones: May your memories bring joy rather than pain and your days be filled with the spirit of those who have touched your lives.

For those in remission: May your joy fill the lives of those around you and be a light for those that follow.

For those who are nearing the end of the fight: May you find the courage to walk the path you are on and to see the glory in each new day.

And for everyone who has so touched my life since I found this place: Whatever your situation, where ever you are may this Christmas season bring you all that your heart desires.



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I so often think of Dean Carl and remember what a truly amazing and courageous person he was. He had a very special talent to touch lives with his words. There were so many time that his words helped me to pull myself up off the ground and remember that although Dennis was gone, I was still alive. I hope Dean Carl knows what an important influence he was for me when I was on the path toward healing. You know, I'm sure he does!!!

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Thank you Frank and Kasey for posting Dean's words....brought tears here ...

Frank, I wish you as well as everyone on this board...a Blessed Holiday and may the peace of the Lord be with you alway's...

Prayer's going out to everyone...may the light shine upon us all today....a VERY SPECIAL DAY...CHRIST WAS BORN!!!

My best...PamS.

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