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My father will have surgery!


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Hello Friends,

Thank you for your prayers, the oncologist said my father will have surgery. He spoke with surgeon and the date is set for 10/8. The PET showed that the chemo did not shrink tumor or node. However, onc explained that he could not give my father big blasts of chemo due to his bone marrow being in not so good shape because of the lymphoma in '01. There are no new mets. He wants my father to have the surgery to remove upper right lobe and mediastinal dissection.

Does anyone have experience with the chemo not having any affect on tumor and node and having the surgery?

Thanks again, dear friends.

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Yeah! I know this is what you have been praying for! The surgery is your Dad's best shot for a cure! Linda the surgeon must feel your Dad has an excellent cance at recovering from the surgery or it would be unethical on his part to even suggest surgery. So your Dad never got any radiation? My treatments did more damage to the cancer than could be seen on the CT scan. I will possibly mop up any wandering cancer cells with chemo in 6 weeks. Perhaps chemo not only shrinks and kills cancer, but aids in preventing spread?


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Linda, I don't see much difference between having chemo first or having surgery first unless they can't get the lung out because of the size of the tumor. Buddy had surgery first, chemo and radiation second....hope all goes great with your father then maybe you and family can breath a little better...dad too....

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I did have chemo/rad first with little to no decrease in the tumor. I was confused and the onc. said that sometimes the treatments don't work for whatever reason - mine just happened to be a different type of tumor than they thought they were dealing with. Although, I WAS able to breathe better after the treatments - better than I had been able to in YEARS!!! The surgery was performed and my right lung was removed last Jan. and I have been improving ever since. Prayers for your father will continue right up to and through his surgery!!


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